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San Jose,CA
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I'm a College student in San Jose, CA . I like rpg, shooting, & strategy games (I. E. RUNESCAPE). I have a myspace account. I like to go on Youtube a lot because of the free videos. you can say i'm a addict.

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re: re: ROUGH- Time- 170

2015-11-20 14:25:55 by Paladin82

  Current Local time is 11:15 Am, PST  and I've been downloading a few porn Videos that are under 30 Minutes loing.   I just  want to say before I forget I did see Lara Rabago and It shouldnt bother me but, every time now I think about Joe and how much more higher up the food chain he is too me, I cant help that HE acutally has more sex with Under the age of 25 year old girls than me.  ME!  and part of this story is how it begins as well,      ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  -  there is a girl in  Amusement or /Bowling whom I really thought I could like or even fuq but after her after noon mood, which was by all chance cold, I had already made the guess....she had sex with Joe Flores (the Assistant General Manager) her name is

Lara Rabago  i am not  sure wether my thoughts have come to that conclusion on their own, However the congress are not usually wrong.   Sex  does change things, changes people. and after 2 pm Yesturday 11-14-15 at round 1 in the Karaoke room 3 , I swear I could have heard (correctly)  Joe just flirting and , maybe out of the camera view, Joe touching  Lara Rabago , to the point where they could have made out, when the whole point was to clean the room.   I do not want to accuse him of that, given he is management and the closing Manager for that night, but I can not shake that feeling, even now.  I will drop by my work to get my lunch, but other than that, if Matt is there. I have to confront him about what I heard, and  the security footage will back up my claim, that Joe is having flings with the girls in bowling and Amusement, just because they are young and "available" in the sense that they're physically available.     I can do one thing and leave this company, and NOT come back, but it wont let me forget what I heard.  I hope in time, that I will forget that kind of event because  no matter how horney I get, my body is telling me other wise. Or I do just do NOT want to know the factual truth, because a lot of times, They are not really happning except in my head.  Time now is 0930   Sunday       ...   it is monday  it is monday   11/16/2015  and I really cant get out of my head that, the possibility that Joe Flores fucked Lara, makes me really jealous and angry and both.  I noticed she is no longer as friendly as she was before I met her.  before he  ( it would seem) had sex with Lara Rabago, and how she now is more dependant on him, not only for the Guidance because he is much older, much wiser,  handsome more to a point, and he is in management,  I know my body is just reacting.  My heart, I have yet to make a determination to how I am going to behave and properly take care of my psychy or my mental state of mind..  however I really am thinking , or a large part of congress is thinking so much   :   he has fuqed her.  He was her first "sex friend" and that age, and that she knew no better.  I do not want to really talk bad about managers now, but that is what is preoccuping my mind.  Until other wise proven that he did not have her fucking vagina around his penis  than I am certain he had "consenual sex" with a Barely Legal 18  year old Filipina girl from amusement, before I got the chance to even entertain that thought!    I need to really do more than just think it happened.  However, history has taught, even me, that if I think it has happened, ,most likely it did, and ther eis nothing  I can do about it accept , move on and watch my porn from another view.    time current  is  2:45 pm  PDT ,  monday.   11/16/ 2015  back    now that I've talked with Thi about  my anxiety, and how  sad, I really  felt and Jealous I dot not feel that sad.   Current time is  16:10  and  Pdt  and its monday   11-16-2015   Pause log   ...  Continueing my log right now.   Thi  unfriended me on face book , and too me that is fine, however  I cant just talk to her in public or just ask why she is being a messed up- Friend (albeit that she has less experience because at least  she is 10-11 years younger than me.   My sister is right,  Angela.   Do not mess with  18-22 year old girls any more.   They either dont know what they want, at this point sexually or They're only begining to find out.... in real  life...      Today's date now is   11/20/2015   And I'm currently Enjoying my  ALone time here at  De Anza College, in Cupertino....