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San Jose,CA
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I'm a College student in San Jose, CA . I like rpg, shooting, & strategy games (I. E. RUNESCAPE). I have a myspace account. I like to go on Youtube a lot because of the free videos. you can say i'm a addict.

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to update on my Marapan toon : ^^ I have now reached 501 Item level gear score :P Very happy I am.
I finally got new items , including a new cape today as of 2 hours ago. I also Reforged most of my items back to haste so I can heal faster. ^_^ People say Ineed mastery, however, THIS IS MY TOON, MY MONEY and I've made into the account that, even if I were to go mastery, it seriously kills my healing speed, by the time I get a 2nd big heal off to a tank, he will be at half or less hit points when the boss encounter would have started.
as of now I have 346 Item level average for my "PROTECTION" Spec and, 501 for Heals spec. I stil consider my self a Tank-Healer and specifically would like you stay that way. I of courrse would need to begin getting rid of my 483 Item level gear from raid finder. Given That the new gear minimum drops are 502. Oddly, I find myself getting more obsessed over gear then Enjoying myself. I will always stand by the believe that even if I am a tank-Healer. I can only be healing specific with, Quests, and even levelinga friend or two. As of this moment stats are as follows :

Tree Spec : holy
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Paladin
Server : Durotan
Sex : Female
Level : 90
Item level Average : 518 (Holy Spec)
Guild : Rumrunners
Country : USA
Name : Marapan

here's a link if you want to copy a paste the link to the website 04/19/2013 Friday 1:30 pm.

- arapan/advanced

Hope you enjoy what you see, and know that Everytime you go to your toon and make it, it IS yours and ONLY yours,
remind yourself why you made that toon, and Who has leveled it ,and made the gear or gold for that toon. In the end, every Choice that is made , is up to you and you ALONE. :L people can hate and joke on you all they want, however, they dont control your Alliance made toon faction. You Do. ENJOY lates.

-- rapan/advanced
My latest Update on my gear today as a Human Paladin, Not sure if I will be able to get more 502 Raid Finder gear with out the Mogu Runes of fate, however I wont give up. I'm sure I can get 1 - 4 more pieces from all 12 bosses, however .. I doubt the bosses 7-9 will be able to drop Items for my mains spec without the usage of a Mogu Rune. Acoording to the ask Mr Robot website, that Funkedup had suggested, I use my coin rune for 1-3 and obviously Boss 10. they said his minium chance is 15% Chance drop, however That is with the coin, it will possibly be lower. I do know that replacing my helm, and eventually my Weapon, will greatly increase my ability to Save more mana in the Long run. The Less I have to reforge to Mastery Stat, the more mastery I have--- Therefore, Accordin the Red book, The more shielding I have for my target, which is usually main tank, or an off tank. I don't Often Like to Heal the raid, but it seems, even with Heal Bot Continued on, I have had to adapt. Clearly, Paladins have more a roll to heal other people than the tank, that was supposed to be the main Job. also I will do this in all lower case, some middle school chic, smells really good but at this age, shes not even old enough to drive or get her permit to drive. BACK to topic... I really know that at some time, I will have to make my tank spec 480 or higher in order to do Heroic MOP dungeons, I will do my offspec Armor with my guild, and guild only because the gear, is almost Alien to me. I will do that and that with the guild. I'm howerver glad that my specs : Heals main, and Protection 2nd stats are Both above 460 item level. :P having a 505 Item Level average score, gets me the advantage that most people don't often consider. this is nice website with the song I found most addicting, got it from looking up the song to the Movie
Shes the man -- ENJOY =D
Your Main spec will always be your most used spec. in Player Versus Enviroment, or Player Versus Player enviroment or setting. :P its about 2: 45 close to 3pm
May 14, 2013 , Tuesday.

-- lawl